Monday, April 02, 2007

two words

modular synth. It was bound to happen.

I must say that I do miss many aspects of the Nord G2 now that it is gone and while I love my voyager, I keep wishing I could do more when I'm working on I have this thing for patch cords...

Plan B, Livewire, Doepfer all on the way in the next few months. I'll be spreading it out for obvious cost reasons, however, I should have enough to make sounds after two months.

I of course plan to journal the process here. Stay tuned.

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Muff Wiggler said...

Ooooh, the sickness begins :)

Welcome to the madness, I hope you enjoy your stay. Try to remember what it was like to have a bit of money lying around, because you won't be in that position again for a LONG time!