Saturday, April 14, 2007

Livewire Oscillator!?!

Well shit... Livewire is making an oscillator! It was shown off @ NAMM and somehow I missed it when I browsed past the Livewire rack. With a name like "Audio Frequency Generator" I'm quite embarrassed that I missed it. In fact, I'm pretty sure I actually saw it and didn't grok what it was then.


Anyway, it kinda throws a wrench in my gears of modular purchase. Based on what I have seen in this sonicstate coverage of the AH booth (check the Livewire video) the Livewire OSC looks bad ass! It also looks big. Based on what I can tell from the video, it's the same size as a Dual Cyclotron...a whopping 28HP.

I may just end up with a 1 OSC modular...I have decided the Dalek and Vulcan Modulators, so I'll have audio rate modulation available, but I don't know at this point if I really *need* them. Based on what the Livewire OSC is apparently capable of, I may not need it.

What's cool is the modular may now consist mostly of Livewire parts...something I wanted from the beginning because the look so cool!

Livewire is also releasing two "expander" modules to accompany the OSC. One of which is an 8 input CV controlled bi-polar audio mixer, designed primarily to mix the 8 possible waveform outputs on the Livewire OSC. Yes that's right, 8 POSSIBLE WAVEFORM OUTPUTS!



Muff Wiggler said...

cool on the Livewire Osc! I had no idea either

and, ahem, sorry to break it to you, but i'm going to draw a line in the sand and say that there's NO WAY IN HELL you will end up with a 1-osc modular, lol

i mean, it's a fine goal, but no-one on earth has the discipline. You'll start wanting to do audio-rate modulation, FM work, oscs tuned to intervals, two voices etc etc. And you'll realize that you might as well buy an osc instead of an LFO, because it can do as much, and then more.

very sorry to break the news, but you'll NEVER stick to a 1-osc modular ;)

felix said...

Yeah your right...I'm most certainly in denial.

This is my starter case...once it's done, a second one will by one the way opening up room for more everything :D