Saturday, April 28, 2007

the lineup changes again

ok, this is getting ridiculous now...I cannot make up my mind on some of these modules.

Today, however, after playing my Moog MF-102 ring mod with the newly arrived QuadADSR, I've decided to withdraw the Livewire Dalek Modulator (ring mod) and replace it with the Vulcan Modulator. The fact that the Moog has a CV controllable Mix amount is a big plus in my book.

On a side note...I have never used an envelope to modulate a ring mod carrier's pitch before! It's very very cool. A very easy way to create a more unique sounding electro drum or just give a cool/gritty (when carrier is a lower frequency) dynamic shift to the sound.

A brief example of this is at the end of my demo video from the last post. I forgot how new gear can bring a new angle to how one uses their current gear. I guess that applies exponentially to modular gear :D I'm really stoked on this modular system coming together.

Speaking of which, next modules on the order block are as follows:
-Livewire Vulcan Modulator
-Doepfer A-119 Envelope Follower
-Doepfer A-131 Exponential VCA

ETA, sometime after the 15th.


Zerosum said...

Thats great that the livewire modules will be available for Frac format.
The frequensteiner is already out for frac, but isnt a high priority right now.
+1 on the Vulcan, thats going to be my first Livewire module,
It fits perfectly for the exact needs of my modular, so many possiblities.

Im really jelous of your quad ADSR, Im going to be ordering my Blacet ADSR soon and wish there was something like that for Frac.

Yup your right on track, Its great how new gear can expand the uses and possibilites for current gear,
My prize at the moment is my mobius.
Thats the great thing about a modular is that one piece is part of so many other pieces.
This stuff rocks.
cheers, looking forward to seeing that Vulcan in action.

felix said...

I'm anxious to get the Vulcan too, I can't wait to see what the various min/max/sum/difference waveforms look like. It's kind of a bummer that you have to select which waveforms apply to those outputs via jumpers on the back. Livewire is apparently going to be releasing a "expander" module for this so it brings the selection ability to the front...but that takes up more space. :( Shouldn't be too easy to mod a few switches onto the front panel...there's space.

Speaking of mods (and the QuadADSR), it doesn't actually take the Gate signal from the internal Doepfer bus of the case. I checked out the back though, it will be very easy to mod it to take it...just a single lead from the bus connecter to one of the gate input jacks on the back of the module. I'll probably end up doing the same thing for the pitch cv inputs of my oscillators when I get them; reduces the number of mults that I need just to get pitch/gate cv to the various necessary modules.

Also, speaking of the QuadADSR, I figured out another trick with can use one of the EGs to act as a delayed trigger source...

Say you have the first ADSR trigger on key-down but you want another ADSR to trigger a specific amount of time later...well you just have ADSR #2 on the QuadADSR (which acts as the delay) trigger the 3rd ADSR at the end of it's Attack. Now, just adjust the attack time on ADSR 2 to the length of time that you want before ADSR 3 gets triggered :D

It uses up an EG, but it doesn't require an extra module specifically for gate/trigger delay! I love this modular stuff!

marry said...

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