Sunday, April 08, 2007

Modular Rig Mock-up

Originally uploaded by felixinferious.
So this is the final mock-up / plan of my modular rig...the start of it anyway. I've already begun on the second case which will consist mostly of additional control voltage sources like sequencers, LFOs, slope generators / slew limiters / etc.

I'm stoked and can't wait to get started on it. I found a used Doepfer 100p case on ebay and that has saved a decent amount of $. It will still take ~4 months to complete based on my current budget. I need to wait and see on some bills and of course taxes to see exactly how much expendable income I have currently. I'm committed to it though...I can't wait.

Stay tuned for more info as I build the system.


Muff Wiggler said...

Don't worry about the timeline! I've been buliding my system for 18 months now, it's already more than 3X the size of what I originally planned, and my current plan calls for it to roughly double from the current size. And that's assuming no cool new modules get released!

Just get the bare essentials for a voice or two as soon as you can, then accept that the rest will continue to grow FOREVER


felix said...

Tell me about it...that picture is already half out of date!