Thursday, April 26, 2007

Doepfer A-143-2 and Plan B Model 13

The first two modules have arrived from Analogue Haven!

The Doepfer A-143-2 is a "QuadADSR"; 4 independent standard ADSR envelopes that are switchable for 3 different time ranges (low, medium, high). They are special, however, because each ADSR also has pulse/trigger outputs which fire at the end of stages of the envelope; end of attack, decay, and release. These can be used to trigger another envelope (or any event) or to re-trigger itself, creating an LFO. The Gate (trigger) inputs of each envelope are normalled to each other, so it only requires a single gate signal on one of the envelopes to trigger them all.

The Plan B Dual Timbral Gate is a dual low-pass gate which has independent gates which can be switchable between amplitude gates (like a linear VCA), low-pass filter, or both. There is also a separate SUM output and balance control for the two gates. In this way, it also acts as a 2 channel mixer. This is apparently an improvement off of the original Buchla low-pass gates so I'm very excited to try it out.

I had a long day at work, so I'm not going to get to playing around with these until tomorrow. I do plan to make some video demos showing off the two new modules this weekend though.

One final note...I didn't realize the modules didn't come with screws for the case (most likely the new cases ship with screws) so I can't screw them in yet. No big deal, more stuff for the list ;D

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