Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The case is here

Doepfer A-100p
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The genesis begins...

I found a slightly used (actually in really great shape) Doepfer A-100p case on eBay for a good deal and it saves me around $200 compared to buying a new one when factoring in shipping and CA sales tax...and that means more $$$ for modules!

Unfortunately the case will remain empty for a few weeks until I determine just how much expendable cash I have for next month which was when I officially planned to start buying everything.

The first month was originally budgeted for just the case and the A-190 MIDI-CV converter but since I've saved so much buying this case, I may actually get a couple more modules the first month.

Stay tuned.

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Zerosum said...

sweet deal!!
Thats way better than the retail price they want!
Cool score!