Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The module list

Ok, so here's what I've got worked out no particular order

-Livewire Audio Frequency Generator (when it's released)
-Livewire Vulcan Modulator
-Livewire Dalek Modulator
-Livewire Frequensteiner
-Livewire Dual Bissell Generator

-Plan B Model 13 Dual Timbral Gate
-Plan B Model 24 Heisenberg Generator

-Doepfer A-131 Exp. VCA
-Doepfer A-133 Dual VC Polarizer
-Dopefer A-138c Polarizing Mixer
-Doepfer A-143-2 Quad ADSR (this thing is super cool)
-Doepfer A-175 Dual Voltage Inverter
-Dopefer A-180 Multiples
-Dopefer A-181 Multiples 2
-Doepfer A-190 MIDI-CV Interface

Hmm...I thought I had more Livewire than this point, if they make it, I'll probably buy it (Dual Cyclotron is on the list for the *next* case).


Zerosum said...

Your metasonix stuff is going to love it!!!
Thats part of the reason im getting into the modular thing,
Im going for the ultimate modulation station,
then of course i want about 12 other modules later on once everything is up and running.

felix said...

Same here...I need more CV...MORE CV :D