Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Recent pictures of the modular

It's hard to believe, but I haven't actually taken a picture of the modules all racked up before! :/

So here it is, in all it's glory. You'll no doubt notice these somewhat strategically placed holes. From top to bottom, left to right, they will be filled as follows:

Livewire Chaos Computer (not yet released)
Livewire Vulcan Expansion selector thingy (not yet released)
Plan B Model 14 Voltage Processor
Livewire Audio Frequency Generator (aka 'AFG', not yet released)
Plan B Model 15 Complex VCO (ordered and in transit)

Pretty different than the original "mock up" images from way back when. I hadn't even really planned a 2nd case at that point and now I'm already debating how I'm going to handle further expansion. Muff was right, it truly never ends.

Oh, coincidentally, this shot is of the patch I posted about last night; DalekInvasion. Kinda hard to see cause the shot was taken with my phone, but might help if any of you were having a hard time visualizing what I was explaining.


ghostdog said...

what you need to do is buy the Plan B style black knobs for your Doepfers, makes the unit look more organied..see my modular

you need to get a Plan B Heisenberg Generator they are great too, and dont forget The Ken Stone Elby Panther Series,Super Psycho LFO :-)

felix said...

Oh yeah, I was going to replace the knobs, but it had slipped my mind, thanks for reminding me! :D I'd love to have the Livewire knobs on everything, but unfortunately all the smaller knobs are that "half circle post" style and wouldn't work on the other modules.

Regarding the Heisenberg, I do have one, I love it. You can see it in this shot; top left of the top case.

kakihara said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in this world... preparing the gaps in my rack for specific modules!!! ;P
Just like that it shows that the expansion for the vulcan will be 8hp on your picture... did you ask Mike for that info? Right now I have 2 G6 and 1 G3 cases and it's all its gaps are reserved for M9, M10, M13, M15, M15Ax2, and M25...if I don't forget any ahha! But for expanding, I was into the same type of dilemna than you (with AFG and chaos cpu comming)but finally I'll go for the DIY of making my own giant rack... I think that cost worthy, it's better to spend more on modules themselves...and the rack is really suited to what you need! I've got some useful infos about those from Peter Grenader and a member of the Plan B list... if you need any, I can forward you the links. cheers!

felix said...

Regarding the Vulcan expansion module, I saw the prototype ones @ NAMM last year and they were 8HP. I'm assuming they won't get bigger. I saw Mike post about the module being the production plan a few weeks back on the Livewire Yahoo group, so it sounds like it's not too far out.

Yeah I'd love some info on building a custom case.

Lately I have been thinking about keeping one of the Doepfer suitcases, with a fav selection of modules for performance our for use at friend's studios without having to take everything, and then either make my own case, or get the forthcoming Plan B case, depending on which was more cost effective.

Any info you've got would be great, and much appreciated. Thanks!

Tom said...

That looks nice... I still need to fuck with the recordings we did with it....

J.w.M. said...

Truly a thing of beauty. I would love to pay this thing a visit it person. Good thought on the future modules-- that should sound great.

kakihara said...

Here are the links tha Bill from the Plan B list gave me...
first one is the power supply

then it's the rails... those ones are 150HP long!!!

http://www.mouser.com/search/Refine.aspx?Ne=1447464+254016&Ntt=*TS300*+*Vector*&Ntx=mode%2bmatchall&Msb=0&Mkw=TS300+Vector&N=1323038+0&Ntk=Mouser_Wildcards T-Struts



felix said...


Thanks so much!