Saturday, October 27, 2007

Plan B Model 10 Demo

Man, I was really off my game today. Tripping over my own words and loosing my train of thought mid sentence. Thank god for video editing. I almost thought of keeping a gag reel, but it takes up so much HDD space.

With that said, I proudly present the Plan B Model 10 video demo.



ghostdog said...

hanging out for the evil twin demo :-)

kakihara said...

Great Vids James(Bissel and M10)!

I cant wait till the M10 is back in stock again! I've ordered it few weeks ago but I guess someone did it at the same time so AH called me to say that it was out of stock...:(
Man I really dig this module!

Are you going to Analog Live?



felix said...

Thanks as always!

The M10 is a lot of fun, and I actually enjoy it a bit more now after doing the video...which actually happens with every module after doing a video. ;)

Re: Analog Live. I really wanted to go, but the timing with a big project here at work and regular daily life made it hard to get down to SoCal for the event (Campbell, CA is basically in San Jose, which is just south of SF).

kakihara said...

you're welcome!

hehe yeah I can understand what you mean, life always push us in different ways!!
But still it's not so far... i'm almost 100% sure to go... just gotta arrange something at work actually... so yeah I'll fly from Montréal, Canada hehehe ;)
I'm sure it,s gonna be cool though... and I wanted to see CalArts for their EA music program!