Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shooting blanks

I never gave much thought to blank panels for modulars.  It always seemed silly to me to buy a functionless panel just to cover up open space.  I understood the fact that there was the possibility of shock by touching power pins when the system is on, but I felt pretty safe in my ability to not do something like that.  So, I never gave blank panels a second thought.

Until a little over a month ago when I sold some modules to Stephen @ and he told me about these laser engraved acrylic blanks that he had started to make and asked if I'd like one.  I ended up getting two sizes and in terms of color and what was engraved, I said, "surprise me".  And I was surprised.

I ended up with a 16HP clear one and the pictured 28HP black and gold one.  I'm still trying to get a really cool shot of the clear acrylic with some LED backlighting, but the black+gold really just jumps out.  The acrylic is a little less than 2x the thickness of a standard aluminum faceplate, so it's very sturdy, with very little flex even at 28HP.  I could easily see module panels being made the same way.

I've been super stoked on these blanks, especially the 28HP black+gold.  I was sad when I had to remove it while testing the Z-DSP as I didn't have room for both.  However, now that I've sold off a few more modules and made some room, it's back in the case!

Anyone looking for blanks (or even not looking for blanks), jump on over to and check them out.  Full 19" rack blanks are now possible too!

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