Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A voyage on the horizon

Very exciting news, I have just purchased a Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition! I am now very broke, but very excited for it to arrive. If you don't count the theremin, this will be my very first analog synth.

It's expected to arrive next Tuesday. Many pics will be flickr'd. There will be much rejoicing.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Moogerfooger patch sheet

I've been coming up with some fabulous patches over the last week but the problem has been having to remember the details of each patch just in case I would have to recall one. Well I tried to "recall" one from memory and I failed completely...which lead me to search the moog website for B/W images of each unit so I could make a patch sheet. I couldn't find a similar image for my Frostwave Resonator so I simply drew a simple version in OmniGraffle while I was laying out the rest of the patch sheet. I think it turned out pretty well and I've already been able to jot down a great patch for use with my theremin that I simply do not want to forget.


Maybe someone will find this useful too.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

finally, enough power!

I actually didn't have enough power strips to plugin in all the moog gear (since they all use wall-wart transformers)! I finally went down to Fry's and picked up a couple PowerSquids and got 'er all hooked up and got to patchin'. Once I figure out how to post attachments on blogger I will post some MP3s.

I also took some more shots of the gear. I figured out the best mode for shooting in the dark and also getting some nice blurs of the LEDs from the pedals. I was able to even get blurs from the pedal LEDs without even having them in the shot. Check out the best so far:


Friday, July 28, 2006

Birthday = new gear!

July 26th was my 25th birthday. I had asked my family for some gear for my birthday and they delivered. I was so stoked to un-box each of the Moog pedals that I asked for! Enjoy the shot until my next post:

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The new project

I set up this blog mainly to record the progress of my new project. Under the moniker of Felix Inferious, I've started a project based mainly around the theremin but including many more experimental and somewhat "conventional" (ie not that out-of-the-ordinary) sounds. I have always been more of a sound designer than a song writer (or at least I've always enjoyed sound design more) so this project is my attempt to show off the weird and interesting sounds that I like to make. Part of it will also be a challenge for me to combine all of these elements into something cohesive that doesn't make listeners say "what the f#@k?!".

My home studio is slowly being cleaned...I mean..."reorganized" to facilitate the new project. I also have some new gear on the way that I will write about and post some pictures of. A recent acquisition is a Frostwave Resonator filter...probably one of the better pieces of gear I have bought in the last year. I'll have a short write up on my next post.

I'm very excited about everything coming together and seeing what develops from it all. Hope you enjoy reading along.

Also, please stop by brokebeatsrecords.com and check out a few of the other projects I have, and currently am, working on in collaboration with my friend Tom.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

who has inferious.blogspot.com?

WTF!? Someone has inferious.blogspot.com? They ain't using it! :-P