Sunday, November 18, 2007

Livewire Dalek Modulator Demo

This is a demo I have been looking forward too for a while. The Dalek is one of my fav modules because it is so useful, not only as a tone source, but as a modulation source; the latter I use the most frequently.

I tried to showcase it "on it's own" as much as possible since all the other video demos I have done so far have feature the Dalek in some shape or form. So without further's the Livewire Dalek Modulator.



kakihara said...

That's the Dalek! It,s the first Livewire module i've owned, now I have the vulcan and am waiting for the cyclotron to come back instock and AFG and Mr. Chaos to be availlable hehehehe
But yeah, first thing i've done when I've recieved my M24 was to patch both outputs to the two cv in of the dalek... What a wounder it is... Do you have a distortion module(like the a136)? If you ever do, these patches can be really noisy and aggressive sonic attack LOL!! So yeah M11 still on its way... should get it in a week or so!


felix said...

Yeah the M24 and Dalek make great bedfellows, as do the Vulcan and fact I'm wondering now why I didn't do a Vulcan+Dalek patch...

When I do these videos, I actually come up with the patches on the fly. They are usually based on ways I have used the module before, and sometimes I thought about a patch before hand, but by-and-large they are impromptu patches...which has the side effect of me forgetting to demo certain things. Oh well, reasons for more videos I guess ;)

Some kind of wavefolder/distortion is on my list...currently I have the Metasonix TM-1 and TM-7 which do a great job of destroying whatever is put into them, but I wouldn't mind something with a little "finer" control. The A-137/136 are primary choices. I also have my eye on a Malgorithm in the future...not necessarily a "distortion" but might yeld interesting results when used instead of distortion.

kakihara said...

hehehe I've actually done a "Dalek controled by Vulcan" patch last night for a school assingment!:D
Both Dalek osc set on hi, M24 stp out controling the panning along with a slow sine lfo. Doepfer A117 Rnd clock was trigering the transient style ADSR and M24 S/H (That's when the M13 would have come handy...still sold out)... The rnd clock of A117 was driven with a pulse LFO...some extra filtering was there too... A124 WASP filter set to max resonnance makes clicking sounds sound like some digital tabla, especially if you manually play with the frq and res knobs.

I came close to get a A137 but then PlanB released the M25, that I think would be more useful... I don't know what you think on that module though.
I've been eying Metasonix for a long time now, we used to have them distributed in Montréal, however people didn't get into it and they "dissapeared"... At that time I was far from imagining of ever owning a modular synth LOL
Tell me, have you tried the wretched machine? that seems tempting in a strangely twisted manner.

felix said...

Cool! Do you have a Twango account or some way to post/share that (if you recorded it)?

I've only heard audio demos of the M25, which sound good and it certainly is more multi-functional compared to the A137. I've played with a friend's 137 and I like it, but it's a bit sensitive...particularly it's CV's hard to dial in a sound and not have it change too much when using CV. The Metasonix TM-1 is fantastic, but it's anything but predictable which can sometimes be a flaw. I really like it, but it doesn't work on everything, and it's a bit quiet believe it or least mine is. The TM-7 helps that though ;D

I have played with the S-1000 (Wretch Machine), a couple times in fact, and it's *very* cool. The sounds it is capable of are not like anything I've heard anything else make; there is nothing else like it. That being said, I don't know if I could spend that much on it. I'd *love* to have one, but I can think of a lot of things I would, at least currently, rather spend that money on.

kakihara said...

Wretch is quite pricy indeed! I'm favoring other things my home made case and all the modules to fill it up... But lets say when it's mostly done a Sherman filterbank and a Wretch machine would be the icing on the cake!

So I didn't know about twango actually, that looks cool and useful... I don't know, I've never asked myself how you did post those audio demos hehehe. So as soon as the piece is done (have to be done by Dec 5th, end of semester) i'll post it there and point out the modular parts!