Monday, April 21, 2008

New Plan B lineup - M21c Mini-Milton

Plan B Summer/Fall lineup
Via the Plan B list (and probably Matrixsynth too...I haven't peeked at my feeds this morning.

The new line up is seriously cool, and much more than I expected from the teases on the Plan B list. The Vector Plotter is very cool and finally gives us eurorack folk something on par with the Blacet JAG.

The 4HP ELF ADSR is also an excellent module. Especially since it has a expansion module that adds CV for each stage as well as a re-trigger. All that in 8HP is practically priceless, although, will no doubt be extremely affordable. The ELF LFO is fairly bare bones, but its range is amazing and there's no range switches! It goes from 1 cycle every 30 seconds to 10k. :D It does, however use a switch for waveforms. You can either have simultaneous Saw and Pulse or simultaneous Triangle and Square. The last ELF in the lineup is one that I've had my eye on for a while, the Analog Shift Register (ASR).

The Model 21c Mini-Milton really stole my heart though. Not only is it small (18HP), it's full featured (even has CV Direction and individual Gate outs) it's also designed in that Buchla in-a-circle style. I'm totally sold on that one.

Congrats Peter, on a job well done. Hopefully they will be available soon.


Alienation said...

Yeah, I'm down with the Mini Milton too. Looks very cool indeed.

The Digital Osc looks cool too.

Hopefully it won't be a millenia in waiting for the stuff.

synthetic said...

Damn, why did I have to go with MOTM format? I could have a serious system by now for the cost of my half-built MOTM.

brandon daniel said...

The ELF LFO has one switch, it toggles the waveforms from Tri/Square to Saw/NarrowPulse,

kakihara said...

Same thing for me with the M21C... i'm the guy who doesn't really need a sequencer... but the circular one... with VC....mmmm yeah all in 18hp hehehe

felix said...

@Brandon - doh, I didn't write that clearly enough...I meant no switch for range of rate. I re-edited the post for clarity. That's what I get for trying to write coherently at 9am.

deastman said...

I had sort of mixed reactions to the new product line. I'm already pretty well stocked for stuff like ADSRs and LFOs, although obviously these provide something a little different. I'm really excited about the wave splicer, and I'll probably get an ASR too. The VCO is intriguing, but I already have 6 VCOs, and an AFG on the way, so I'll probably pass on that one. I like the space efficiency of the M21c, but I already have two A-155's and an A-154, plus an MFB trigger sequencer and a few other sequencing options. The vector modules are intriguing, although I'm not totally sure yet how I would make use of them.

Most likely what will happen is James will buy all this stuff, make YouTube videos showing how awesome they are, and then I'll run right out to buy them all too... just like with all the other videos! What can I say, I'm a sheep! ;)

surachai said...

I have my eye on the Elf ADSR with the expansion too. I played with the Buchla Sequencer that mirrored this one and while I already have a sequencer, I'll probably persuade myself to grab this thing too.....
Just when I thought I successfully alleviated myself from gear lust........... PEEEEEEEETERRRRRR!!!!!