Sunday, April 20, 2008

A days worth of nothing

Well I practically spent all of yesterday and part of this morning trying to figure out my prototype overdrive pedal doesn't fucking work. A large part of yesterday was assembly, but then the rest was trying to figure out why everything bled to ground when the input was plugged in...after about 2 hours of checking continuity between everything I realized it was because the tip connector of the jack was touching the LED bezel when a cable was plugged in, bleeding the input signal to the chassis and thus, to ground. After that, true bypass was working, but the actual overdrive circuit was not. At that point I gave up and played Rock Band for the rest of the evening. This morning, taking a look at the circuit I realized I put the transistors in fucking backwards! Since I didn't socket them, this tool about and hour to do and clean up the mess of solder. Just after that, my cheapo multimeter decided to complete stop working. Everything looks right with the circuit, but I can't check it without the multimeter. So now I can only stare at my physically represented failure thus far. My spirit is broken. Time for liquor.


kakihara said...

Hey no worries!!!!
Go on a nice outdoor terrasse and have a good peint of guiness ;)

brandon daniel said...

Check your multimeter's battery, then it's fuse. Nine times out of ten if a multimeter has stopped working on you it's one of those two.

synthetic said...

Hang in there baby. Walk away for a day or a year. It will still be there when you're ready to start again. I've done the backwards transistor thing several times, at least three.

Alienation said...

I'm STILL working on my KLEE Sequencer and who knows what will happen when it get's the juice.

felix said...

Thanks the encouragement guys.

@Brandon- I replaced the batteries for sanity, but I didn't think the fuse would have blown working with 9v. I'll check that, thanks.

小小彬 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.