Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I hate April Fools Day.

It's sad too, because I used to love April Fools day. I used to come up with pranks and friends and I would execute them to much rejoice.

But these days, very few "real" pranks are done...you just get weird announcements or stories on the internet.

This ultimately has lead me to just not believe anything I read on the internet today [April 1st].

Take for example this info about Analogue Haven moving to a new store front:

Via Stretta, they [edit: Plan B] also are apparently going to turn focus away from selling individual modules and instead move to full systems.

On top of that, the place (possibly a store) moving into the now apparently vacant AH place is called NoiseBug...who are now the exclusive distributor of Plan B modules. Yes, that's right, AH no longer carries Plan B.

I'm thoroughly confused. Both are very big changes. Both have been announced on April 1st. All I can do based on these facts is assume it's a prank. I just can't trust anything on April 1st.


PS. There's also new teases up from Moog and Elektron. I have reason to believe both are actually real, and not AFD pranks. Then again, who knows.


SIGHUP said...

It bears pointing out that Plan B is the one moving to systems only, not Analog Haven, based on what Stretta said. That announcement actually looks legit, I can't imagine how anyone would find it funny as a joke.

Moog have a habit of April Fool's jokes (past gags included the 4'33" and FM radio tuner pedals), so I can't imagine it is real.

The Elektron teaser looks stupid whether it's a joke or not.

I, too, hate April Fool's Day right along with you.

brandon daniel said...

I've worked the side-channel info this morning and conclude that this is not a 4/1 joke, the AH/NB shake-up is real, according to sources on both sides, unless everyone is REALLY dedicated to this prank and is fibbing to *everyone*, even in private, confidential conversations. So, uh, yeah, a little odd timing on the announcement.

SIGHUP said...

The Plan B announcement seems to have been made by Peter Grenader on the AH list:

felix said...

Wow, I can't believe I mis-read the Stretta post so badly. He did clearly say that Plan B was the one shifting focus towards systems and not individual modules.

Either of you know the cause of the shake-up? I noticed that Shawn and Mike Brown seem to have developed a tighter business relationship (what with the AFG pre-order and all)...is this an extension of the Plan B/Livewire "break-up" from a couple years ago?

Richard said...

felix, I was thinking the same thing re plan b & livewire. Analog Haven have built up a good relationship with their customers so I won't be as quick to place orders with this new company plan b is moving to, though their spectral filter thingie does sound awfully tasty.