Friday, April 25, 2008

Livewire stuff never shows up on ebay

It doesn't!

I have RSS feeds for all sorts of shit from eBay and accept for a few items at least 8 months ago, no Livewire modules have shown up on eBay. None.

I don't know what that's just a passing observation. (and no the feed is not broken because I always see tons of "livewire cables").


Hielo Patagonia Sounds said...

Maybe it's because people love the Livewire stuffs !


Hedi K.

Alienation said...

Exactly, and if it DOES show up you better be quick with the cash because it's no sooner there than gone.

Livewire Yahoo group was the last place I saw anything for sale that's "Livewire".

Can't hardly wait for the rest of the line to be restocked at AH my AFG's will need company.

felix said...

Yeah I have the same feelings. I LOVE all my Livewire stuff. I feel very lucky to have picked up everything before "the shortage" and anxiously await the AFGs.

I really hope Mike branches the line further and comes out with unique function generators/EGs and all sorts of whacky stuff. I'd *love* to be able to have a 100% Livewire modular.

Hielo Patagonia Sounds said...

You're lucky guys in USA. I'm still waiting for Livewire modules in France since months ... But I'm patient ;-)