Sunday, February 03, 2008

Modular Case: Row 1 Complete

Now that I have screws that fit the Vector Nuts I have been able to assemble one row. Why only one? Well because I seriously fucked up the estimate if how many nuts I would need! Next weekend I'm going back to Halted to see if I can find regular Hex nuts that will work with the Vector rails. The Vector Nuts are most definitely not cost
effective...I've learned that the hard way I suppose.

Well since I'm blocked on working anymore on the case, I've got a good
excuse to work on that guitar pedal prototype. It's not the "Chop Shop" one that I mentioned last time, but rather a more immediately useful one. More details once it's working. :)

PS. I've signed up on VIRB. If any of you also have a VIRB page, hit me up.


J.w.M. said...

Wow-- that looks great. Nicely different from the usual 19" rack. Can't wait to see what the completed project looks like.

Oh, and keep us up to date on the pedal escapades!

By the way, I'll hit you up on VIRB (which I've basically ignored since setting it up over a year ago and have thus added no music to it).

surachai said...

Did you get rid of your portable cases? We more or less have the same setup, except this beautiful row you have!

felix said...

Yeah I sold the portable cases...
It was sad to see them go, I really liked them, but I was already almost out of room and it didn't seem cost effective to buy another one. I don't travel that much so it didn't seem necessary (despite how nice I thought it was) to have it be that portable.

I estimate the total cost of this case will be ~$400 and it will be 600HP (just shy of 4x A-100P). And, while I won't be carrying it on a plane anytime soon, it's still fairly portable. It will be about 30"w x 20"h...4 rows high.

surachai said...

HOLY SMOLDY. That's brutal man! You're going to have to keep us updated and take some more pictures.