Saturday, February 02, 2008

Halted Electronics

I went to Halted this morning...holy crap this place is awesome!!! I wish I made the trip (all 20min of it) out there a long time ago. There's walls of resistors, 4 isles of caps, power supplies, scopes, function generators, oh, and tubes!!! :D. Metasonix fans: spot the BN6s in that picture.

I also found 4-40 screws for use with the Vector nuts, I picked up 50 of them for...wait for it...50 cents!!!

I got some extra parts for a guitar pedal idea I'm working on, plus a 3rd-hand tool, nicer wire stripper...walked out of there spending less than $40!

Offcially my new favorite place.

1 comment:

kakihara said...

mmmmmm... we have a similar place in Montreal called Addison... heheheh kinda place youll buy everything even if you dont need it hahahah!!