Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NAMM recap

First off, I noticed my first few posts didn't have the body text for some reason, so I've scraped the text off the emails from my sent folder and updated the following posts:

Wretch Machine
Livewire AFG
Livewire Chaos Computer

NAMM was pretty fun this year, but I felt rushed and didn't get to see as much as I wanted to (or if I did, not for as long as I wanted to)...nor did it seem like I had enough time to talk to everyone I wanted to. Part of it was only being there for 2 days, the other part was getting a late start to the show both of those days (almost 1pm on Saturday and 12 on Sunday). Seems like 5-6 hours would be enough each day, but it's totally not enough.

I'm now just trying to catch up on work and the pile of emails in my inbox...any spare time I have will be either spent working on a pair of mastering projects I need to get done before next week or just trying to figure out how I'm going to be able to afford all the cool new shit this year. Oh yeah, and make the modular case, and finish the joystick controller, and make some BYOC guitar pedals...maybe make some music too ;)


Livewire Electronics said...

hey man...

yeah I was disappointed I didn't get to talk to you more... seemed like there was always too much going on!

hopefully you got to hear enough of the AFG... but I'll be posting some audio clips on my site soon.

keep up the excellent work!

Mike Brown
Livewire Electronics

felix said...

Hi Mike!

I did get an earful of the AFG and I definitely loved what I heard...it's so massive I had to double check there wasn't 2 patched up.

I'm looking forward to the clips, I know lots of people are dying to hear it too. Thanks for reading, and keep up the excellent work as well ;)

surachai said...

Yes! Mike's modules were definitely the sickness and got my attention! Killer job posting up the new modules! and I'm with Mike when I say, I was bummed I didn't get to talk to you that much. We were all running around!