Monday, January 21, 2008

MXR Carbon Copy

This is one of MXR's new pedals and it sounds pretty cool. I couldn't
find and spec sheets around, but I would guess from the sound it's
around 400ms. It also has some pretty rad green sparkle paint.

If you are the market for an analog delay, give this one some thought.


synthetic said...

How much?

Pete Shambler said...

This looks like fun-- thanks for the tip!

Speaking of delays, I saw a shot of this Model 27 on Fdiskc's Winter Namm page ( did you see it when you were there/get to play around with it/hear any word as to when it'll be available?

felix said...

@synthetic - I'm not sure, I saw no spec sheets/lit around when I was there. I did a quick google search and doesn't look like dealers have any pages on their stores yet, but there were some various forum threads which said the delay was 600ms and rumored price of $150. I doubt it's that cheap for 600ms of analog delay, so I'd estimate like $200 - $275.

@pete - Yeah I actually checked it out last year. It's pretty cool and a nice way to have a delay right there in a case with your other modules, but I personally don't really dig on it that much. According to posts by Peter in the Plan B Yahoo group, it's not on the immediate roadmap; something about difficulty sourcing the chips and even thinking about make it almost like a buy the module, and the appropriate Behringer delay pedal and pull the chip out yourself.

I might be more interested in it if it had a feedback path patch available. One of the coolest things with the Moog delay is patching stuff into the delay feedback path. It's quite expensive, but the Moog has the same features as this (aside from the hold/kill switch) plus the patchable feedback path and sounds absolutely awesome!