Saturday, August 25, 2007


This patch came from a few tweaks to the final patch I did in the Model 24 video demo.

The Model 24 Stepped output is modulating the frequency of the Dalek Modulator's carrier oscillator. It turns out there is some cross-talk between the Carrier and Modulator oscillators if one of them is in High freq mode and the other is in Low; that's what's causing the vibrato that you hear. This vibrato frequency from the Modulator is being modulated in turn by the Dual Cyclotron.

The output of the Dalek is going through the Frequensteiner, which is being modulated by the MIN output of the Vulcan Modulator, making little filter sweeps.

The main VCA is being opened by a Model 10 EG, which is being triggered by the eight note output of the Model 28 Tap Clock. The Time-Base of the Attack and Decay is being modulated by the Smooth output of the Model 24. The End-of-Cycle trigger output of the Model 10 is triggering the next random voltage value on the Model 24.

What I find particularly cool about this patch is that a lot of it's characteristics are due to "quirky" behavior of a few of the modules. Specifically, the cross-talk between the two oscillators in the Dalek (causing the vibrato) as well as the fact that the Model 10 does not re-trigger until the Attack and Decay cycles have finished. It's because of this that the Model 10 is not being re-triggered on every eighth note pulse that comes out of the Model 28 Tap Clock. This, combined with the modulated Time-Based of the Attack and Decay, makes it sound very natural, almost as if someone were singing; holding some notes longer than others.



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