Thursday, May 31, 2007

Of Marriage and Modules

I got married on Saturday!! :D

Easily one of (if not *the*) happiest days of my life. The second happiest would no doubt be the day after when my new wife said it would be ok to use some of our wedding gift money to order some modules and take advantage of the Analogue Haven 2 year anniversary sale!

So, I pretty much bought everything left on my list that was currently available to purchase (Livewire osc, Plan B Milton + Model 28 not available yet...and the Frequensteiner was out of stock).

Livewire Dual Bissell Generator
Livewire Vulcan Modulator
Livewire Dual Cyclotron
Plan B Heisenberg Generator
Plan B Polyphonic Envelope - x2
Doepfer A-100P Portable Case (2nd case)
Doepfer A-119 Envelope Follower
Doepfer A-131 VCA
Doepfer A-151 Quad Seq. Switch
Doepfer A-175 Dual Voltage Inverter
Doepfer A-177 Ext. Foot Controller
Doepfer A-180 Multiples - x2
Doepfer A-181 Multiples 2
Doepfer A-183c Polarizing Mixer


The Voyager will be going up for sale though. The money for the modules is more like a loan for the time being...apparently we eventually *need* furniture ;)

PS. I updated the Today's wild patch post with the audio sample, embedded from Twango. Big thanks to Matrix for pointing me to Twango.


Zerosum said...

Now thats LOVE!!!
Congrats to both of you!!!Your very lucky to have such an understanding signifigant other!!!

The Analoguehaven sale saved me a lot of money too, not as much as i wish it could have, but I got 2 very usefull modules, the miniwave with expansion and binary stuff...

Dude,heheheh You gotta get a miniwave, it would fit with your setup so perfectly!!!

felix said...

Thanks very much!!

I was checking out the miniwave today as I'm also considering a waveshaper and apparently it also works as a unique waveshaper.

I'm sure a frac/blacet rack will come about eventually ;D