Friday, May 11, 2007

Voyager setting sail?

I'm seriously considering selling my Voyager once I come closer to wrapping up what I've planned for the modular synth.

It's not that I don't like the Voyager anymore, that's very much not the case, but it is a 'players' instrument and I am most certainly not a 'player', at least in the keyboard sense.

Also, while it is quite capable as far as sound design goes (and incredibly easy to use), it will pale in this aspect compared to what the modular will be capable of. Part of the reason I even started to build the modular was because I was getting frustrated by limitations that the Voyager has. I know that a lot of extra stuff can be done within the Voyager's software...but to be completely honest, I don't want to pay that much for a killer analog synth and have to dick around with software (especially when the settings are patch specific).

I'm torn though, because it feels so great (keyboard action, knobs, switches, wheels, etc) and it sounds so great.

But it's not very portable (it's heavy and a bit awkward in footprint), and I wouldn't really feel that comfortable gigging with it...I would literally cry if that beautiful wood got a serious ding in it.

And of course, it does cost a pretty penny or that I would happily use toward the modular.

...all in all, I'm still torn...looking for your opinions...thanks.


Zerosum said...

Do it! Sell it! More bolts for the frankenstein modular!:)
I wouldnt mind having a Voyager living in my studio, but the money you could get for it you could buy some killer modules and then get a cheaper polysynth/keyboard to go with it.

I say get a DSI Evolver and more modules.
I have the desktop Evolver and would love to have the workflow of the MEK.
There is so much you can do with the Evolver, it also has audio in so you can use it for its delay,distortion and filter. Its a great synth and I think it pairs perfectly with a modular wihtout having any overlap.
Cant recommend it enough!
Maybe pick up a Cyndustries Zeroscilator too!
Either way I can understand why you would want to keep it and why you would want to sell it.

Zerosum said...

Are you still undecided?

felix said...

Not so much anymore...I think I will end up selling it, just probably not immediately.

I might pick up an Evolver eventually, but I'd like to put all the money from the Voyager into the modular setup. I also have been lusting after a Haken Continuum for a long time now and that might make that a possibility.