Monday, August 11, 2008

Official Member of the Monster Case Club

This case is too rad! It's the perfect width, perfect height, and
fits just about perfectly on my desk.

Unfortunately, I seem to have run out of screws, so I wasn't able to
mount all my modules, the Malgorithm and A-188-2 BBD being two stand
outs. However, I'm pretty sure the Eurorack screws are just M35
screws, which can easily be obtained from the hardware store.

On thing thing that I'm also short on is patch cables! :D. It's been a
while since I have been able to cook up a large patch, and I had a
pretty good one going here, until I ran out of cables.

The Tyme Sefari is super fun, and a fantastic performance module. It
feels very natural to "play" rather than "patch-up", but that just
might be my personal preference. I may have to move I out of that
corner, but that seems the most logical place for it, towards the end
of the signal path. All that playing with the TS got me thinking
about a Harvestman only performance system again!

The Plan B M17 module is fun too, and actually much more useful for my
kind of patches than I realized. I like to have certain events
trigger other events, so I generally really like modules that have
trigger outs, particularly ones that occur at the end of some stage
(like the M24, M10, A-143-1 and -2). What the M17 basically does is
add trigger outs for other modules that don't have any such feature.
A perfect example would be an EG where you wanted a trigger or gate at
the end of the attack phase. That's easily handled with 1/3 of the
M17. The NOT outputs for gates/triggers is also extremely useful for
trigger other events when the rest of the M17 is not triggering
Very cool with sequencers and EGs, the trigger outs are also awesome
for firing the vactrols on the M13. This really is a fantastic
module, I'm surprised they are not more popular.

I hope to get to more videos soon, but the next two weeks are going to
be pretty busy for me. We shall see.


noisesource said...

looking sharp there ace.

Richard said...

I'd love to hear some stuff done with the tyme safari as it's a module that seems interesting but not sure how it sounds

Veqtor said...

Any chance of a tyme safari video demo? it would be really cool to get a more thorough look at it.

kidtesla said...

Beautiful!! Congratulations!!!

stretta said...


My monstercase dramatically changed how I relate to my modular in a very positive way.

Hint: peel those ugly stickers off before they cure.

surachai said...

I'm drooling blood.

Zerosum Inertia said...

LARGER than life!!

have fun, looking forward to hearing the harvestman toys!

im sure it feels good to be setup again.

Chris Rooney said...

Hey, I like your blog, and your videos have been really helpful.


Justin McGrath said...

yawn. Not big enough. ;-)

julian said...

Isn't the monster case a 12v power supply? How did you mod it for the non doepfer modules?

felix said...

All the non-Doepfer modules (Livewire, Harvestman, Plan B) are still "eurorack" format and run on 12v supplies. No modification of any kind is necessary. They are designed to be completely compatible.

julian said...

Ah ok. I've been looking at the basic specs of the plan B modules and they all quote 15v didn't realise 'euros rack' also meant 12v! Thanks!