Sunday, August 03, 2008

AFG Demo Video Pt 1.

I elected to only do part of my planned demo for the AFG because, I just don't feel prepared to do it justice yet. I haven't spent as much time with it as I had the other modules before making video demos, and I don't think I could adequately show off what it's capable of.

However, what I did think I could do was to show off what most folks are interested in regarding the AFG, and that was the Anti-Matter mode and Harmonic Animation Saw/Pulse waveforms. I hooked up my $40 ebay scope and got to demoing.

[UPDATE] I forgot about YouTube's (lame) 10 minute video limitation, so I had to split "part 1" into two parts. :P

AFG Waveforms

AFG Harmonic Animation

For those who just can't wait for Pt. 2 here's a patch I worked on last night while watching the trash_audio livecast last night. It's two AFGs, one (triangle wave) FMing the other (alien saw wave) with harmonic animation being modulated by the Vulcan. The pitch is being distributed to the Exponetial inputs of each AFG via the Plan B M23 ASR, which is sampling the Ring Mod output of the Dalek Modulator. The M23 is also distributing to one of the FM inputs of the Freuquensteiner, which is also being modulated slightly by the Dual Cyclotron. The machinedrum is providing the rhythm as well as the clock for M23 ASR (using the MD's GND-IM impulse machine). The random stereo panning is provided courtesy of Ableton Live...which reminded me that I need to pickup an A-134 panning module.

I'm working on this track further for my album. This track is entitled "A Visit To The Shroud".



Casey Schultheis said...

Rad! No real fucking rad!

kidtesla said...

'felix's scope of truth' rules!

Jae said...

super cool. what kind of oscilloscope is that?


surachai said...

Thanks dude!!! As always thorough and insanely informative!

scott said...

really wicked!
and just as i was watching these mine turned up!

Hexfix93 said...

Hey, how well does it track, can you put it next to a digital osc, and see if it holds its tracking and is stable?

if not, can you calibrate it to be solid on tracking?

felix said...

Hi All,
Thanks for all your comments!

@ jae - it's a Leader LBO-501 scope. I had never heard of it before, but it was like $40 on eBay and it looked retro and cool. This video was my first time firing it up so I was very pleased to see it was working as well as it did.

@ hexfix93 - I'm not sure yet. Currently I'm running everything with a borrowed 6U rack and can only run a small selection of my modules. I pretty much never play with a keyboard, so I didn't hook up my A-190 MIDI - CV. I will do my best to remember to try it out next week though once I have taken delivery of a larger case. Steve R, on the livewire list would probably be your best source if you needed to know right away. He is likely to be the one who calibrated them all.

Pete Shambler said...

Thumbs up as always, Felix! Dug the track-in-progress, too!!

小小彬 said...