Thursday, June 28, 2007


This is how behind I am on updates; the FrequenSteiner actually showed up last Wednesday.

It's an AWESOME filter! The sound is very edgy and has a lot of presence to it. The bandpass and hipass filters in particular can have that nice rip-your-face-off tone to them. The lowpass is very meaty sounding; not moog-like. I can't quite explain the difference exactly, but I think this is going to sound absolutely bad ass with some PWM going into it. The input control doesn't drive as much as I thought it would, but then again, it might be the source signal I'm using. The Moog MF-102 is still dealing duties as the oscillator. I've incorporated the TM-1 after it to give some harmonics to the signal.

Speaking of the oscillator, I've decided to change my mind on getting 2 of the Livewire OSCs. I'm going to get one of the Plan B model 15s (as was my original intention before I learned about the Livewire) as well as the Livewire OSC whenever that gets released. This way I can have a oscillator sooner than later, and I have the two different tonal possibilities between the Livewire and PlanB.

In addition to being behind here, I'm still behind on video demos of all the new modules. I'd like to wait until I pickup the oscilloscope as I feel that will make the demos a lot better, particularly when showing off the min/max/sum/difference capabilities of the Vulcan Modulator as well as what goes on with Dual Cyclotron...something still don't understand myself.

Stay tuned.


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Zerosum said...

With the Doepfer mini cases available now,that makes getting a Model 15 an option for me.
I have been curious about the Frequensteiner and thats avaialbe for Frac format too so both of those may end up in my rig eventually.

Looking forward to hearing this stuff!