Friday, December 19, 2008

Teratoma - released

Sorry I'm lagging on the Serge post, it's coming. This is short though.

Just wanted to say that my first modular album, Teratoma, has been released. Just inside the deadline of the Muff 2008 Artist Challenge. The collections are composed almost entirely of the eurorack modular, except for a few cases where a hand is leant from the MachineDrum and Monomachine, and in one case, a Piano sample patch in Logic.



Pete Shambler said...

The perfect sine! Ha! Was that one inspired by the Doepfer list?

Kidding aside, great sounds!! I'm only a couple of tracks in, but so far so good!

acro said...

Great album! I really like that you went for a soundscape/texture feel, rather than pulse-based tracks.


felix said...

Thanks for the comments, I'm really very glad that folks are enjoying it.

@Pete - Yeah, actually it was, although technically it was the Muff forum thread commenting on the doepfer list that inspired it. Interestingly enough, when working on this album, I decided I would pick out names for pieces first and then develop the sounds/atmosphere to match the meaning behind the name. It worked extremely well for me. I used to do it the other way around and things were almost impossible to name. And, by starting with a name and concept first, it helped give a direction to composing the different sounds.

@acro - Thanks very much! Steady pulse based tracks make me feel bored, in fact, on the few tempo locked pieces in this album, most have a certain degree of random change or constant modulation. But honestly, most of the lack of a steady tempo came from the fact that I really haven't come up with a really flexible way of clocking the modular to the computer. I don't like setting the tempo in the sequencer because I generally like work out the clock on the modular first...however, that makes it really hard to overdub. What I started to do towards the end, was record the mult-ed clock output to a separate track in the sequencer, intended to be used for overdubs later. But, on the few tracks that I did that with, I ended up not having enough time to do the overdubs and finish the album up before the end of the year. I'll be trying that technique out more for the next album though. But, the soundscape/texture feel will not go away, there will just be a bit more rhythm to it.

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