Thursday, July 24, 2008

Substitute Rig

This is what I've been working with the last few days. It's actually
really fun to take away a bunch (in this case, like half) of your
modules and just see how well you can work with just a select few.

In this particular patch, I was getting re-aquainted with using the
Livewire Dual Bissell to smooth out the rising and falling edges of
the square waves coming from the Dalek Modulator. You can really get
some subtle timbre changes with that alone. It's like being able to
low-pass filter only parts of the waveform. Actually, that's not what
it's like, it's what it is!

Another fun thing that I was doing here was driving the sequencer
(clock) with the MachineDrum. One of the MachineDrum machines, GND-
IM, sends a simple impulse, which happens to be plenty hot enough to
function as a trigger for the modular. So I simply sequenced the
pulses in the MachineDrum and the modular locked perfectly to it.
I'll definitely be exploring that functionality more real soon.

Speaking of triggers, I've lately taken to using trigger pulses
instead of EGs to hit the M13 low pass gates. Those vactrols respond
so smoothly, you'd never know an EG wasn't used. In this patch, I'm
using two of the trigger rows from the A-155 sequencer to open each
gate on the M13.

The basics of this patch are two halves of the Dalek, processes
through the Dual Bissell, and then each half goes into each half of
the M13, which are being opened, as I mentioned, by the triggers on
the sequencer, which is being clocked by the machinedrum.

Finally, to add a bit of character, I'm taking the ring mod out of the
Dalek, gating it with a A-132 linear VCA (opened by the M10, being
triggeres by the sequencer) and processing that through the A-188-2,
and mixing it in with the main signal described before.

I'm still having some trouble with the interface, so I'll leave it
patched up until I can record it.


kidtesla said...

Nice! From the explanation of the patch,I can almost hear it...but looking forward to hearing it for real:-)
p.s. The dualBissel rules.

brandon daniel said...

My spare cab looks good with some modules in it for a change!

surachai said...

Another man's 'really fun' is another man's torture! Masochist! How dare you play favorites!

surachai said...

Oh crap! You got the A-188-2! How you liking it?

felix said...

Favorites must be played! :D When the AFGs come, it's gonna be almost all Livewire in there, with a few of the necessities (VCAs, Mixer, etc),

I really like the A-188-2, it's going to get used a lot. It makes some really great noisy sounds, but I'm still learning the thing. I haven't played around with the mixer controls all that much or tried using it to do some weird mono in - stereo out processing.

小小彬 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.