Saturday, May 31, 2008

Modular Case - Progress Made!

I decided that I would finally get some shit accomplished this weekend and so far, so good.

I went to the local surplus store and got the right length screws this time. They actually have Torx heads, which looks really cool compared to regular phillips head screws. I didn't go through and remove the screws for the modules that I had racked up already, but I'll do that eventually.

I racked the rest of the modules into the vector rails and stacked them up. Now all I need is to find some 90 degree angle mounting hardware for the rails and some nice looking wood to build the case. I hope to have that wrapped up this weekend too, although, the yard really needs some attention too.

The spaces in the top row are completely arbitrary, although Harvestman Tyme Sefari, Zorlon Cannon and Malgorithm will go up there somewhere, hopefully all in the very near future.

The large open space on the lower left is for the AFGs, which are due to arrive anytime now, since I've got two from the first batch. The 2nd open space, in the lower-middle is for a Plan B M14 Voltage Processor and the Livewire Chaos Computer, whenever that gets released.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how it looks. It's actually not as big as I thought it would be in terms of size, both height and depth. It should still be very portable (it's a little smaller than a Doepfer Monster Case).

Off to the hardware store!


Pete Shambler said...

Great work, Felix! I'm excited to see how it will look with the wood enclosure-- will you be building a cover for it as well, or is this a strictly open-face design? Either way, top notch.

Other questions:

-- is that a modDemod in the top left?

-- will you be posting an AFG demo video after the modules arrive? I'd love to see a non-trade show clip of the unit at work.

felix said...

Hey Pete! Thanks!

I probably should build a cover, but that's something I could easily retrofit later. It's been a while (5+ years) since I've done *any* woodworking, so I'll be lucky if I can make a simple box right now.

Yes that is a modDemod in the upper left . It's a very fun and unique module, and since it does not require any power, you don't even need to be a eurorack user (or any modular user really) at all to enjoy it. It's fairly expensive, and the front panel artwork is really neat.

Yes, as soon as the AFG arrives I will be doing a demo. I only have one Doepfer power bus board at the moment though, so the demo won't have any super complex patches, but will hopefully showcase the module as best that I can.

kakihara said...

Way coolll!!

Man it ust be itching to not be able to patch too much lately?
Fianlley, after the conversation we had on power supply, I've decided to build 2 x 4 rows case, in planning of future modules instead of 1 time 5 rows, which also solves my power supply problem since the onew on mouser had 4 outputs... :)
Ah and also just to let you I've just got my tyme sefari... totally rad... much much much more than i've expected heheheh!


surachai said...

I dig your replaced caps.
Can you suggest a place for me to get new ones?
With little rubber grippies?

felix said...

Yeah, they are the same ones used on Plan B modules. I got mine from Part# 550-67003

They have ones where the indicator line is different colors; green, blue, yellow, red/orange.

Anonymous said...

filling out nicely. where's your power supply? and how are you dealing with power distribution?

felix said...

The power supply is in it's box on the floor haha! Not hooked up yet. It's a Condor 3A linear supply. I can dig up the Mouser number for you if you like.

Power distribution will be handled by 4 Doepfer Bus boards which were recently acquired from AH.