Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Wishlist

I don't think I've posted a "wishlist" yet. I know I've mentioned modules that were "in the pipe" for purchase, but that isn't quite the same here' goes:

1) Livewire Audio Frequency Generator (AFG! it here yet?! Is it here?!)
2) Plan B Model 9 Mixer/Atten. <- this is a rad module...simple and effective and multipurpose. And cheap!
3) The Harvestman 1973 Tyme Sefari <- I've been excited about this one for a while, but now that it's getting farther along, I can't wait. I might be more anxious to get this than the AFG.
4) Livewire Chaos Computer <- who knows when this thing will ship...but when it does, I want it.
5) Plan B Model 14 Voltage Processor <- So much more than just a mixer, this thing is a full on voltage tweaker; a must have if you have many modulation sources.
6) The Harvestman 1986 Zorlon Canon <- Another Harvestman that I'm getting more excited about as it nears shipping. The pitched noise sounds like it will be very cool, but I'm fantasizing about using the various gates to drive the Chaos Computer
7) Plan B Model 21 Milton Grande <- An evasive beast like the Chaos Computer, but this is the only sequencer that I've seen that really makes me want to get a sequencer. Once it's released and cash is plentiful, it will be mine.

I'll list the filters separate because I like having several different filters to choose from, but I don't want more filters as bad as some of the above modules. Maybe that's a good testament to how pleased I am with the Livewire Frequensteiner. ;)
1) Plan B Model 11 Evil Twin <- I love bandpass filters, but I tend to like to get filters which have more than one mode. Based on the sound demos though, this bad boy is the exception.
2) The Harvestman 1982 Polivoks VCF <- A fresh off the assembly line release and it's a brilliant idea; and it's a dead-on reproduction, even using Russian ICs and not US counterparts. It was also developed with the help of the Polivok's original designer. Based on what I've heard of the Polivoks, this thing is mean as hell. It also has simultaneous Lowpass and Bandpass outputs. Actually...this guy will probably bump the Model 11 out of the number one demos will be final judge.
3) Cwejman DMF-2 <- If my thirst for filters isn't quenched by both the Harvestman and the Model 11 (and the Metasonix TM-6 and the Frostwave Resonator) then I will have to pick this guy up. I've been told that the Cwejman's don't have the character that I usually go for in a filter, but a "matched" stereo set would be a little too much to pass up...I love stereo filtering.

Well, that's the list. For now anyway. I only hope the bank account can survive it all.


ghostdog said...

you could also do with a Super Psycho LFO from CGS Elby Designs

and I dont believe you have a Plan B complex VCO these are simply the best!

I bought the Evil Twin last week, waiting for it to arrive :-)

felix said...

I'll check out the Super Psycho LFO; I didn't realize that they had eurorack format until now.

I do have the Plan B M15, it was the most recent purchase in fact. I'm getting around to making a video demo for it.

Let me know how you like the Evil Twin. I haven't many reviews/comments beyond that of "sounds awesome".

ghostdog said...

hi felix

not sure if you have seen my modular, its kinda like where yours is. i just need to add the

hanging out for

Also I think you have a Voyager, what do you think of it, I am thinking about buying one

felix said...

Cool! Do you have any pics?

I had a Voyager. I loved it, and a tiny piece of me regrets selling it, but without selling it, I wouldn't have all the modules I have currently.

The Voyager is a outstanding synth and it sounds impeccable, but it's more of a "players" synth...a classic synth keyboard. While it does have CV ins for many things and you can setup some more complex routings in the software beyond what you can set on the front panel, it wasn't easily capable of what I wanted to do (which is what the modular is perfect for). Basically, it just wasn't for me and it was hard to continue to justify that much of an investment when I wanted more stuff for the modular. I do miss that sound though.

J.w.M. said...

Good idea with the wishlist. Maybe I'll put one together (along with a non-modular category so that I can include the Machine Drum).

ghostdog said...

a few rows down is a close up of my euro modular that has been modded for banana jacking to complement the Serge

felix said...

Oh yeah I have seen your setup; the banana retro fits are so cool!

kakihara said...

hehehe we have a similar wish list
afg, M11, polyvoks vcf, zorlon cannon :)
I may order the M11 next week actually... if you still need some feedback, I will be pleased to provide more details!


felix said...

yeah, please do!

kakihara said...

Ok M11 ordered 30 minutes ago!
give it like 1 to 2 weeks and it's here!
so I'll tell you about it via email if it's ok with you, since we're at it I can send you some pictures of the baby at that moment too!

now the waiting starts, patience... LOL

have a great weekend