Saturday, September 15, 2007

Busy weekend, no synth fun

This weekend (and week actually) has been usually busy and I unfortunately do not have time to work on a new video. In fact I still haven't unpacked my rig since AH Bay Area last weekend :(

I did get around to playing with the Boss DS-1 that I won in the raffle; I forgot how cool those are. I guess I've become a bit jaded, not expecting a $40 pedal to be that good.

Speaking of AH Bay Area, the idea of putting together some kind of touch controller for the modular has constantly been on my mind since then. Ive wanted a Haken Continuum for a few years now but as I invest more and more money into modules, the price of a Continuum becomes harder and harder to swallow. That being said, I'd love to have some kind of Buchla-like touch controller. The best idea I've thought of is a 2 octave arrangement of short ribbon controllers arranged like keys of a standard kwyboard. That way you have some control fo up/down as well as pitch and trigger. Maybe even add a long ribbon along the bottom for a third control source; could be utilized by your thumb while your fingers are on the ribbon "keys".

What do you guys think?

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J.w.M. said...

That ribbon controller sounds like a great idea. I'd imagine that it could be pretty tough to try to DIY, but the end result should be stunning. Keep us updated!